Illustrations for the children`s book Book of Clouds by Juris Kronbergs, published by Liels un Mazs, 2011 (LV)

Illustration for the short story Blue Light by John Updike for the magazine Playboy, December 2010 (LV)

Illustrations for the children`s book Dirty Secrets of the Forest - a part of a campagne against the littering in forests. Idea, text and design by !Mooz (LV)

Not the people, but (houses, products, transport, attitudes) are disabled.

Postcard for the Swiss organisation EBGB that promotes equality and eliminates discrimination, 2010 (CH)

Illustrations for the babyproduct line EcoBaby . Client: Madara Cosmetics (LV)

Nepareizas dzīves skola (School of wrong life) written by Maira Dobele are nine short stories about 13 years old girl Mētra. Publisher Liels un mazs, 2009, (LV)

Illustration for the caledar 2009

My very first drawings - a telephone and a dead chicken, 1986

Coffee machines

Illustration for the survey The surprise of the year 2012 for

The Baltic Way 1989

Illustrations for the children`s book Bikibuks - Zirna Berni (Children of Pea) by Janis Rainis, published by Liels un Mazs, 2013 (LV)

Release cover for minimal techno label Minanimal. Logo by Mārtiņš Teika

Christmas greeting card. The Finger is claiming his New Year's resolution.

Illustrations for the poem "Beautiful" by Inga Gaile, published at the Baltic comics magazine Š! Nr. 18

Illustration for the Kinokarte - discount card for cinemas Riffraff, Houdini and Bourbaki in Switzerland

Illustrations for the poetry book for families with children Vai Otrā Grupa Mani Dzird? (Does the second group hear me?) by Inga Gaile, publisher Liels un Mazs, 2014 (LV)

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